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Nancy Ring Kendrick <ringgenealogy@...>

As I check my daily email >from JewishGen I find it interesting the number of
posts that ask the question; "are these records available online?" It also
triggers the thought of how spoiled genealogists have become with access to
millions, upon millions of online historic records through this wonderful
resource called the World Wide Web." I, too, am one of the spoiled ones!

Years ago, I use to travel to libraries in Orlando, FL, (60 minute drive
pending traffic), libraries in the Jacksonville area (90 minutes or more drive),
and visit the local Family History Center searching for something, anything that
was documentation of my BLOCH, KWASNY and RING ancestors. I did this an average
of 3 times a month, when time allowed. Now I don't. Therefore, I only have my
self to blame for not breaking through my brick wall. Are you guilty of the

Many in this world have become so programmed to looking it up on the internet,
no matter what the subject, they forget about all the other important resources
for genealogy research. Not to mention, there is nothing better than scanning
microfilm and hitting gold. This may be the case with many of you, with the
exception of those with handicaps, etc. who really do not have the ability to
get away >from the computer.

For those who think the World Wide Web is your only resource for genealogy
records, remember, you are so wrong. And, you are limiting your chances of
discovery! The World Wide Web is only one way to search. The World Wide Web
should be used in "combination" with other forms of resources, such as your
local library, The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration in your
area, The Family History Center, and so many, many, more! For those of you not
in the United States, challenge yourself to learn what facilities in your area
offer genealogy records to meet your needs. Then, use them!

For many reading this, Spring is just around the corner! Get out, and away >from
your computer and when possible commit at least four hours per month to
genealogy research away >from the World Wide Web. Then take what you learn, and
use the World Wide Web resources such as JEWISHGEN, JRI-Poland, and the thousands
of other records online, and proceed.

Remember, the World Wide Web is only one luxurious research option among
thousands to assist you in your goals! It should be used as just that, one
source of research, not the "only" resource.

If you have comments, please reply privately, unless it would be educational
and beneficial to subscribers.

Good luck to all!

Port Orange, FL
Searching BLOCH and RING >from the following areas: Bielsko-Biala/Bystra/Kenty

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