Please help me prove my ancestors did not swim to the US #general

Robin Brown <rkb155@...>

First a few confessions:
- I'm relatively new to genealogy (less than a year)
- I'm a lurker...I've been reading these posts for a
while and I'm always impressed with the amount of knowledge and the generosity
of time evident in the posts, but I haven't contributed (mostly due to lack
of knowledge).
- I must come >from a long line of really good swimmers, which is what brings me
to the point of this email. I am hoping that some kind soul can point me in the
right direction. I have been scouring the immigration records and I'm having
trouble finding most of my family. If you folks can't help me, I will
just assume that my family swam here...

The Family:
1. The KOLSKY (KALSKY, KALSKI, KOLSKI) branch came >from Lodz, Poland. My
great-great grandfather, Meyer (1862-1929) (aka Yitzchak Meyer) came to New York
around 1880-1881 with his wife, Rose PARIS (1862-1919). His daughter Bessie
(1879-1968) arrived sometime between 1884 and 1892. Bessie's husband, Pincus
(1875-1943) who is also Meyer's brother (makes for an interesting looking family
tree) supposedly arrived on July 4, 1892. I can't even find a ship that arrived
on that date. Must be the day he climbed out of the water.

The KOLSKY clan changed their names to ROSENBLATT (Apparently the rich people in
the shtetl were named Rosenblatt, so they adopted that name thinking the
Americans would be impressed!), so I have been checking for both KOLSKYs and
ROSENBLATTs to no avail.

2. The KATZENBERG branch came >from Ulanov (Ulanow). My great grandfather, Jacob
(1868-1926) and his brother Sam (Samuel) (1864-1960) arrived in New York between
1885 and 1889. Jacob's wife, Esther BLATT (1870-1931) arrived >from Kolbuscov
(Kolboszower or Kulboszowa) between 1885 and 1890.

3. Max POMERANCE (POMERANTZ) (1866-1916) arrived on July 4, 1882. Ten years
earlier to the date that Pincus arrived, and I still can't find a ship that
arrived on that date. Must be the date he climbed out of the water. I don't
know where he came from/ where he was born, but I do recall my grandmother
saying he was a Litvak. He may have changed his name, but I'm not sure >from
what.. His wife, Bertha GROSSMAN (RUESMAN) (1869-1951)may have come >from Minsk.
She arrived here between 1872 and 1885.

4. Adolph SCHILDER (1862-?) arrived >from Romania somewhere between 1891 and
1900. His wife Lena (1873-?) last name unknown followed 1892-1901.

5. I won't even bother you about the MILLER's. I have so little information
about this branch, that it is more like a twig than a branch. And with a name
like MILLER, without a lot of information, it's like finding a needle in a
haystack. And the BROWNs (my other needle in a haystack) I found.

I have searched the JGFF for these families and added mine to the list.

Truly grateful for any help or guidance, especially since I made a crucial error
-- I waited until everyone who had any information about where the families came
from had past away before beginning to trace my roots. And I never asked the
right questions when they were alive.

Best Regards -
-Robin Brown
Dobbs Ferry, New York, USA

Searching for:
KATZENBERG - Ulanov (Ulanow). BLATT - Kolbuscov (Kolboszower or Kulboszowa) ,
SCHILDER - Romania, HELMAN - Russia, BROWN - England, MILLER - Russia or
Warsaw(?), SOBEL - Luko, Czechoslovakia and Stropkov, Hungary,
SCHREIBER - Luko, Czechoslovakia and Stropkov, Hungary.

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