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Sally Goodman <sbgoody@...>

While the previously-mentioned suggestions of "going" outside the web to do
research are all excellent, the most obvious one has not yet been mentioned
- attending the 27th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy,
July 15-20 in Salt Lake City.

Not only is a Conference in itself a marvelous learning tool, this year's is
being held in the city that holds the most fabulous genealogy "candy store"
(Gary Mokotoff's term) in the world, the Family History Library:

"The collection includes over 2.4 million rolls of microfilmed genealogical
records; 742,000 microfiche; 310,000 books, serials, and other formats;
4,500 periodicals; 700 electronic resources.

"The International Genealogical Index database contains approximately 600
million names of deceased individuals" (Christian and Jewish birth, marriage
and death records).

"The Pedigree Resource File database contains over 80 million names that are
linked into families.

"Records available are >from the United States, Canada, the British Isles,
Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

"In 2003, the collection increased monthly by an average of 4,100 rolls of
film, 700 books, and 16 electronic resources.

"A majority of the records contain information about persons who lived
before 1930.

"Approximately 200 cameras are currently microfilming records in over 45
countries. Records have been filmed in over 110 countries, territories, and

There are:
202 patron computers
509 microfilm readers
36 microfiche readers
28 microfilm and microfiche copiers
4 microfilm scanners
15 book copiers
Seating capacity for 396 at tables
Orientation and research classes

If you don't know the site, go to to learn more about
the Library and its holdings.

If you have not yet registered for the Conference, go to,
read all about it, register and join hundreds of your fellow Jewish
genealogists at the genealogical capital of the world!

"The conference will provide:

World-renowned speakers,
Daily Jewish Film Festival,
Special Interest Group (SIG) programming,
Computer Genealogy Track,
Computer Workshops,
Free WIFI Access,
Breakfast with the experts,
Special Photographic Exhibits,
On-site Resource Room and
Genealogical Vendors
And more...
The convention site is the Hilton Salt Lake City Center."

Come a few days early or stay a few days longer to take advantage of the
Library and its holdings. I promise you, the 5-day Conference and your
research in the Library will be a genealogy experience like none other.

I am not on any Board, I am not a speaker. I am just a more-than-satisfied
genealogist who has attended many conferences where I have made many friends
with whom I have shared research stories and frustrations and learned a lot.

Sally Goodman
Palm Springs/LA, CA

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