Re: Italian Gen Group databases #general

Joy Rich <joyrichny@...>

The databases at and were created >from the typing and
scanning done by the volunteers of the Genealogy Federation of Long Island. The
databases on the two sites should exactly duplicate each other. If an entry is in
one database but not the other, something is wrong. Click "Contact Us" and let the
society that's missing an entry know that it's missing.

You can also search the databases through Steve Morse's search engine at .

Joy Rich
Brooklyn, NY

Subject: Re: Italian Gen Group databases
From: "Jan Groshan" <>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 13:35:34 EST
X-Message-Number: 30

The German Gen Group has one too.
Sometimes you need to check both to find what you're looking for .....

"Michael Horowitz" wrote

I imagine you've all seen these databases developed by the Italian Gen Group?
Unfortunately, the databases are incomplete, but it made my mouth water.

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