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Barb & Howard

Dear Jim,
Baron de HIRSH was responsible for many folks quietly migrating in the late
1800's to a colony he established in the vicinity of Moisesville, Argentina.

Howard Steinmetz
Boulder, Co.

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An entire family related to me has "gone missing" sometime about a century
ago. Marcus Moses COHN, born about 1835 in either Wreschen or Strzalkowo in Posen
Province, or maybe across the border in western Poland married Rosalie nee
KLECZEWSKI >from Pyzdry. They had four children born between 1871 and 1883,
all in Strzalkowo: Isaac,Leib, Jakob, and Sarah.

None of the perished in the Holocaust--Yad Vashem, Gedenkbuch, etc None
immigrated via Ellis Island >from 1893 onward. They don't show in U.S.censuses.
They likely emigrated, but to where? to England, South Africa, ??

Does anyone know this family?

Jim Bennett

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