LAMM Family from Germany>Cincinnati>Baltimore and Parkersburg, WV>Chicago #general

Linda Shefler <linsilv@...>

This is not my first request trying to locate members of the LAMM family,but thanks
to some key help >from Joanne Stone Wyman and Ned Lewison, I have been able to
compile a rather extensive Lamm family tree and now have more accurate information
on the family.

* The tree that I've compiled consists of 82 people; the head of the family was
Isaac LAMM born in Bavaria ~1796 and died in Cincinnati in 1851. The LAMM men were
clothiers; they started Lamm Brothers Clothiers in Cincinnati; moved to Baltimore
and Parkersburg, WV and eventually most of the family relocated to Chicago where
they opened Lamm and Co., wholesale tailors.
* Some other surnames found in the family are: STERN; HOFELD; GOLDSMITH;
* With a few exceptions, until 1930 these families all lived in Chicago; the
exceptions seem to be several members who lived in Washington, DC.

Though I have no proof yet, I'm quite certain that Isaac LAMM was the father of my
gg grandmother Bertha LAMM MARX. I have contacted everyone listed in JGFF who might
be remotely connected to this family, but unfortunately haven't received any
responses. I would greatly appreciate hearing >from anyone who is connected to this
LAMM family; I'm happy to share the extensive work I've done and would love to find
some proof of the connection between Bertha and the clothier brothers!

Thanks so much in advance and wishing everyone a lovely week.

All the best,
Linda Silverman Shefler
Cary, NC

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