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Subj: American Branch of DAVID Family >from Iasi

Hi, Geners!

I am researching the David family >from Iasi, Romania, but in spite of the help of
many researchers to whom I thank, mainly Ms. Nancy Greenberg, found nothing. The
story, in short, is: My paternal grandparents were Elkuni (Elkana) b. circa 1887
[killed in an air-raid, Iasi, 1944] and Haya-Malka David [died,Iasi, 1960].

Their children were Mina, b. before 1910[killed in the same air-raid, 1944], Aron
b. 1910 [died in Transnistria, circa 1941-4, after being expelled >from the Romanian
Army in Chernovici, currently in Ukraine], Shimon b. 1916 [killed in the Iasi
Pogrom in 1941], Shaul b. 1920 [killed in the Iasi Pogrom in 1941], Lora b. 1922
[died in Israel, 2006, no biologic children], and my father, David b. 1925, [died
in Israel,2001].

Elkuni is known to have had at least one sister Sheine/Sheindl, and is believed to
have had at least one brother in America, sending clothes to the family in Iasi
circa 1950.

Other clues I have:
1) The family tradition I found out lately, is that The origin of the family is
Sephardic, not Ashkenazi.
2) The last known residence of the family (until the early 1960'swas Stradela
Pantelimon * or * (not to be mixed with Strada pantelimon)

We don't even have the names of Elkuni's parent, so searching has been next to
impossible, including the Jewish community of Iasi not being able to find his death

I'd appreciate any lead that advances me to finding the lost branches of the

Aharon David,
Rosh Ha-Ayin,
Researcher #262926

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