Moshe SCHNAPARSKI and Itte JANKIELEWSKI from Belaya Tserkov #general

Linda Shefler <linsilv@...>

In November 1911 Moshe and Itte SCHNAPARSKI nee JANKIELEWSKI arrived in NY. They
listed their place of birth as Belaya Tserkov, though it might be Pavoloch for
Moshe. *Itte had a brother Baruch JANKIELEWSKI who was still living in Belaya
Tserkov as of 1909.
* Moshe listed their destination as his brother-in-law Josel WINIKUR in
* I assume that Moshe changed his surname shortly after arriving, as there
are no further records of him.
I am hoping that perhaps someone is aware of the family of Moshe and Itte and can
advise me as to what they changed their name to. Some other names and information
connected with the SCHNAPARSKI family are:
* Moshe had a brother Boruch SCHNAPARSKY>SNOPARSKY who arrived in December 1909.
He eventually moved to Philadelphia along with (the above mentioned)Josel/Joseph
* Boruch/Benjamin changed the spelling of his name to SNOPARSKY.
* Upon arriving in the US he listed his destination as his brother-in-law Joseph
(and Mollie) STEINBERG in Manhattan.
*His nearest relative in Pavoloch was his step-brother Welwel ---ICK (possibly
AURICK, the handwriting on the manifest is quite difficult to read).

I am interested in any and all SCHNAPARSKI/SNOPARSKYs and related families.

or Welwel ---ICK >from Pavoloch, Belaya Tserkov or vicinity I would *greatly*
appreciate hearing >from you!

Thanks so much and wishing you all a lovely week.

Linda Silverman Shefler
Cary, NC

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