Help reading Hebrew gravestone - ViewMate #general

Bob Lenk

I have posted to ViewMate 4 photographs of 6 Hebrew gravestones. I would appreciate
help in reading and translating. The graves are in Mikulov (Nikolsburg), Moravia.
I can read portions of the stones, but they are in varying conditions. Some are
broken, and some are partially buried. I have more photos of some of the stones,
and I've had to decrease the resolution on some to meet the limit for ViewMate. I
can send you more photos if they will help, but I doubt they will make much
difference in anyone's ability to read the stones.

Here are the URLs of the ViewMate postings, and brief descriptions of
the stones:

I believe the deceased is named Bela PULGRAM

I believe the surname is PULGRAM
The date of death looks like 1 Nisan 5590 (with perhaps a 4th
letter/digit for the year)

The date of death could be 23 Kislev 5589

These are three graves, I believe all surname BOHM (umlaut over O)

You may find a 5th photo of mine in the ViewMate Directory, but it looks
like there may have been a problem with the upload, and it did not show
up with these four.

Thank you for any help.

Bob Lenk
Greeley, Colorado, USA

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