Bernard KLEIN/KLAIN born +/- 1880 in Romania or Poland #general

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I am very anxious to research my grandfather=92s family but have very little
information to go on. I'm hoping that perhaps something will sound familiar to
someone or someone might have some suggestions as to how to proceed.

My grandfather Bernard KLEIN/KLAIN was probably born about 1880. There is some
question as to whether he was born in Romania or Poland. According to my mother, he
spoke Polish with his sisters (whose names are unknown). Bernard died before 1946
in Bucharest.

Bernard married Rebecca Unknown (daughter of Shimon) (born 1883) and they had the
following children: Dona (born 1909); Anikutza; Leonte Miculea; Risti and
Rasela/Rachel (born 1914). The children were all born in Bucharest. My
grandparents had a laundry at 37 Sfintii Apostoli St. in Bucharest.

Bernard's son Leon/Leonte Miculea KLEIN/KLAIN was married in Romania to Virginica
Romanovski (an artist-operetta). They were divorced and he later married (or lived
with) Lily Unknown. They lived in the States; first (I think) in Ohio and then in
Washington, DC. I have not been able to find any records for him.

This is the extent of the information I have. If anything sounds familiar to
someone or if anyone has any suggestions as to how to proceed, I would greatly
appreciate hearing >from you.

Thank you very much for your time.

Isabela Rafalovici
Herzlia, Israel

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