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Linda Shefler <linsilv@...>

=== "And finally, consider this. As much as we try, what, in fact, is the goal?
In 1853, my ggrandfather left Baden (he is on the Baden emigration list, also
available at the LDS). There is a Mr. Bruckheimer on an 1853 NY passenger list,
but is this my ggrandfather or one of his brothers? I may never know, and what
difference does it make? It won't make any difference - there isn't any
information there for early emigrants".

As much as I respect Sally and learn a lot >from her, I have to beg to differ
with her regarding the above statement. I also haven't been able to find
several older manifests for ancestors of mine who were early immigrants to
the US, but the manifests I have found have in fact provided a wealth of

* My gg grandfather also emigrated >from Germany in 1853. His manifest
indicates his profession; it also indicates the town he was from; which was
not Frankfurt as I'd been told. He also emigrated with several other young
people >from the same town and a family >from a nearby town. Though I haven't
as yet been able to determine what their connection was, it seems clear that
there was a relationship there. It also indicates that their destination
was Cincinnati; now I know that's where he intended to go, and didn't just
"end up there".

* Regarding another branch of my family, I was told that my gg grandparents
immigrated the year that Garfield was assassinated. I haven't been able to
locate their manifest, but I did find my ggg grandfather's manifest and he's
the one who immigrated that year. My gg grandparents were here already. I
also found the manifest for my ggg grandmother (who followed shortly after
with some of the children) and >from that manifest I learned the name of an
unknown child who must have died sometime after arriving here as there are
no records of her to be found.

So while there might not be a wealth of information on the older manifests,
there is certainly some important information and clues that can help with
our research. Unfortunately, I also have those ancestors who probably swam
along with Sally and Robin's ancestors, luckily for us they were good

Best regards,
Linda Silverman Shefler
Cary, NC

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