What shtetl could this be? #belarus

Bruce Rubenstein, M.D. <bruce.rubenstein@...>

I have confirmed that my ancestors came >from Skidel which is quite
close to Grodno. Recently I have found relatives and documents of
related family which support the fact that they came >from a place in
"Russia" quite close to the Polish border - as is Grodno. Family
members speak about how their parents spoke fluent Polish. But when
trying to specify the town, I hear about or read locations such as
"Minsk" or "Pinsk" or "Lebronsk" or "Nivr Gabronsk." Of course some
of the family could have relocated >from the Grodno area to Minsk/
Pinsk, but I very much doubt it. More likely they relocated to
another town closer to Grodno which sounds like "Minsk" or "Pinsk" or
"Lebronsk" or "Nivr Gabronsk." I also never heard of people growing
up in Minsk who knew fluent Polish.

Does anyone have any ideas about what this town(s) could be if it is
indeed not Minsk or Pinsk? Any help will be appreciated.

Bruce Rubenstein
New York City

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