USA Form 505 Annotation on Passenger Manifest - Clarification #general

Jeanne Gold <twig@...>

Based on emails I've been getting regarding my original post about the Certificate
of Arrival, I thought it worthwhile to clarify something I have (re)learned about
the Form 505 annotation found on passenger manifests.

The district number found in the annotation refers to the district office of the
INS (now USCIS) where the Form 505 application was filed.

It may or may not refer to the district court where the petition for naturalization
was filed.

In looking through some very old emails, I found one >from Richard Gelbke, Archives
Specialist at the New York NARA archives, dated 02 Apr 1998.

I quote: "The annotation 2-799967 10-11-40 on the passenger manifest indicates that
Mr. Goldglied filed for citizenship and on October 11, 1940, the Immigration and
Naturalization Service verified his arrival and issued a Certificate of Arrival
(2-799967) to the Court where he had applied."

In this case the information directly corresponded to his petition for
naturalization and it was indeed in district court in NY. Yet, Mr. Gelbke reported
"We examined the indexes to these records and were unable to locate information
relating to the naturalization of a Leib Goldglied."

In an email >from Rebcca Warlow, Archives Specialist >from the Mid-Atlantic NARA,
dated 03/31/2000, regarding another immigrant I was researching, she clarified
that the "505" referred to a form filed requesting a certificate of arrival and
that the district number usually refered to the district court, but not always. If
the person resided in another state and the local offices had not been able to
verify the passenger arrival, then the 505 Form was sent to the INS district most
likely to have the passenger's information. In which case, the district number had
no bearing on the court in which the ancestor made the petition, but only the INS
district office where the C of A was issued.

In conclusion, although Fannie Greenberg's annotation contained the 2 for Southern
NY district, refered to a Form 505 application and was issued in 1942, I am
reasonably certain she was in CA sometime between 1936-1942. Family members, living
at the time, said she never left CA and lost touch with her about the time I was
born (late 1950's).

Jeanne Gold
Albany, OR, USA

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