Searching for Rubin Family, I have your prayer book. #general

Dorothy Harper <dorothyharper17@...>

Subject: VM9652 - Rubin Family Book

Thank you all for the translations requested on March 19th.

I now know that it is a prayer book relating to the Festivals called a Machzor.
This particular volume is for Yom Kippur. It is in Hebrew and contains a
translation in Yiddish and is the Ashkenazi rite. It is produced by the Hebrew
Publishing Company, 50-52 Eldridge Street, New York.

In my message I neglected to mention the reason I needed the translation, and that
is because I found this old, old book in my mother's things, the inscription inside
the front and back of the book names these people: Maxwell, Chas., Shirley Doris,
Marvin Herbert and Earl Jay Rubin.

I have no idea who these people are. I know that this SIG goes out to so many
people all over the world, I was just hoping someone would know this family so that
I could send them the book.

On the right inside book cover is writing:

1897:.June 30
Mathias Matthews(?)
To: Maxwell Rubin, August 7, 1927
From: Chas Rubin

Shirley Doris Rubin, Thanksgiving
Born. Nov. 29, 1923
Marvin Herbert Rubin
Born. April 8, 1927. Easter

Earl Jay Rubin (written artistically)

On the left last page is written:
Maxwell Rubin, August 7, 1926, Chas Rubin

Dorothy, CA
RESEARCHING: Kaplan/Metter/Rosenberg/Rozenberg/Hochberg/Mossowitz

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