Holocaust memorials exhibition update #belarus

Steven Lasky <steve725@...>

I have now put online photographs of over one-hundred and thirty Holocaust
memorials that have been erected in various New York and New Jersey
cemeteries. Most are associated with towns and cities in Poland and the
Ukraine, but there are a dozen that stand in plots associated with towns in
today's Belarus. The towns/cities are: Antopol, Baranavichy, Disna, Globoke,
Grodno, Kobrin, Korelichi, Lyakhovichi, Pinsk, Pukhovichi, Shershevo/Pruzany
and Stolin.
You can access all of these photographs by clicking on the link below, under
my signature. The memorial listing is arranged alphabetically, first by
country and then by town/city. I certainly hope that you find this
exhibition as interesting and as moving as I have.

As I've mentioned in past, I am also currently working on a companion
exhibition for the Holocaust memorials in Europe. I have received some
memorial photographs >from my fellow researchers but can always use more.
Currently, I have memorial photographs that were taken in Minsk, Motele,
Pinsk, Posenitz, Stolin and Yanov. I also welcome photos of Holocaust
memorials >from any country, not only >from the United States and Europe, but
also >from Israel and other countries around the world.

Thank you once again to those of you who have generously donated both
material and your time to answer my queries. I am hoping to include English
translations of many of the inscriptions that appear on these memorials, and
once those who have offered their help send me their translations, I will
add these translations to the appropriate webpages for all to see. In this
way, those who cannot read Hebrew/Yiddish will know all that has been
written and can feel the full impact of its words.

I do hope you find my Holocaust memorial exhibition informative and moving.
I am so very grateful that I've had the opportunity to honor our ancestors
in this way, to share this with all of you, and to further memorialize those
who perished in the Holocaust so that we never forget them, nor what
occurred during this terribly tragic time in Jewish history.

Steven Lasky

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