Contribution to Belarus Yizkor Translation #belarus

Susan Goldsmith

Dear SIG,

Thank you to Dave and Irene for their gentle reminders to contribute
to the Belarus Yizkor Translation project. (I meant to give, but it had
slipped my mind until now).

Many of us will be with family and friends for Pesach, which gives us
the opportunity to mention the translation effort and encourage our
loved ones to give as well. The Yizkor Book is such a gift to us.
We can make that gift widely available by supporting the translation.

Chag Sameach,
Susan Goldsmith
SF Bay Area CA

Researching in Belarus, Israel &...: Taubes (Tobias, Toybes), Rozanskhy,
Miransky, Bilinsky, Horowicz, Drasnin, Protas, Fogel, Rusek, Tribukh


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