Re: Name changes #germany

David Kravitz

Saul Goldstone asked:
My grandfather Jacob changed his surname >from KURTZ to GOLDSTONE in
Manchester, England around 1890. Does anyone know where the records
of this change would be recorded and how I would go about getting copies
of this change?
At the National Archive in Kew, London are deed poll ledgers where people
changed their names via the courts. Both old and new names are listed twice
allowing searching by old or new. The records are mainly hand-written and
sorted only by initials of surname until very recent years. As Harvey Kaplan
pointed out, you can try the National Archive online,

It was not a legal requirement to change your name via the court. You could
advertise in a local paper “that >from this day on, I wish to be known
as....”. Or merely adopt a name. In my case I dropped my middle name in 1975
and in both cases you can use the change on legal documents after a period
of seven years. My current British and Israeli passports show no middle
name. Many of the deed poll changes were reported in the London Gazette, an
old newspaper and these records may be traceable online. Try Google.

David Kravitz
Netanya, Israel,

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