seeking MODEL/BERLIN family #belarus


I am looking for any information on the MODEL and BERLIN families >from
Plock, Vitebsk, Belarus. The last contact >from them was in 1935, after
that time all letters sent to them were returned or went unanswered. There
is extended family all over the United States and South America as well as
in Israel who would like to find out what happened to the family. If there
are any surviving members of the family we would like to hear >from them.
There were some members of the family living in Riga, Latvia, one who was
living in Lithuania and immigrated to Uruguay, SA. There was one who became
an automotive engineer and was living somewhere in Russia in 1935.

If anyone has any idea of where I could find out what happened to the family
please contact me.

Anita Drexler, Houston, Texas searching MODEL and BERLIN >from Plock

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