Re: Reading NYC Marriage Certificate - Town Name: Shabin, Posen? #general

Alexander Sharon

Carolyn Lea wrote:

The groom, Lesser Michels, gives his place of birth as Shabin or possibly
Shobin, Posen. The ShtetlSeeker pulled up 101 possibilities (using
soundex) a few of which I tried googling to see if they were in Posen.
Lesser (md 1870) died in 1882 (in Georgia) and I have not found anything
to indicate immigration year. Any guesses as to the most likely town based
on a clerk's spelling of what he heard?

Town name is Szubin (German: Schubin). It is indeed located in Poznan
(Posen) region at 5301 1745, 75 km NE >from Poznan. There was a small Jewish
community in this town - WOWW quotes 77 prewar Jewish residents.


Alexander Sharon
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