Update on Wohyn and Wawolnica (Lublin Area) Projects #general


Dear JewishGen readers:

The past six months or so has brought us a slew of new indexes for Jewish
Records Indexing - Poland projects in the Lublin area. I'm trying to address
them two at a time since there are so many new things. The towns of Wohyn and
Wawolnica are the next two that I'm publicizing among researchers.

If you have an interest in Wohyn, Wawolnica or any of the Lublin area towns,
please contact me privately for a project update, and I'd be happy to check
to see how many times your family names appear in the new indexes.

Very best wishes,

Robinn Magid
Kensington, California
Lublin Archives Project Coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland


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