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About 100,000 Jews >from Bialystok Province were sent to Treblinka during
November of 1942. The Germans made a decision to liquidate all the
ghettos in the province that had been formed in the Jewish towns. Only
the ghetto in the provincial capital of Bialystok was allowed to remain.
The rest of the province was to be made free of Jews. Most often people
were taken to collection points often with the assistance of the Polish
police and with the service of the Polish peasant's carts, then they
were transported to Treblinka by train when such transportation was
available. The Germans did not make lists of names of people in such
transports, so none is available. At Treblinka they also did not make
lists of names of people who arrived for killing. Treblinka was not a
concentration or slave labor camp. It was a death camp where almost
everyone was murdered within 24hrs of their arrival.

Your best bet for finding specific information on your family would be
in the Siemiatycze Yizkor Book, the Siemiatycze Pages of Testimony at
Yad Vashem, or perhaps testimony >from Siemiatycze survivors that may be
in file 301 at the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw. Many of us
from Bialystok Province can only assume that many of our relatives
"lost" in the Shoa were among those deported >from our towns in November
of 1942, and were among the at least 750,000 Jews murdered at Treblinka.
There are however quite a few other possibilities, as there were quite a
number of other places and ways to die. Of course I understand your
desire to positively identify and obtain specific information about your
"missing" relatives. Satisfaction in this matter is usually quite
limited or not available at all. Countless numbers of these people are
now like, or very nearly like they had never been. Their ashes were
likely "scattered upon the four winds". I'm also quite aware that I have
relatives (many of them children) whose names I don't know, who
"disappeared" in the Shoa, and who very possibly were murdered in
Treblinka on November 10th 1942, but there is no way to prove it.

Good Luck,

Tilford Bartman,

tina levine wrote:

Relatives of mine >from Siemiatycze in Poland, were
murdered by the Nazis between November 2-9, 1942 when
the shtetl was liquidated and the Jewish residents
sent to Treblinka.

I am trying to find out if at Yad Vashem there exists
more information about the fate of my relatives.
Specifically, I'm trying to find out the date they
were murdered and first names of children and

If such information exists, can it only be obtained in
person at Yad Vashem or can it be requested by mail or

Thanks for any information.

Tina Pachter Levine

Searching the following family names >from Siemiatycze:
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