1927 Polish document-questions #general

Denise Azbill <famaz1@...>

Several years ago, Alex Dunai obtained a few documents for me >from Rabbi
Kolesnik in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. One was completely in Polish, which I
recently had translated. It is >from the District Police Headquarters in
Stanislawow, regarding "statistics of religious communities", which are
comprised of Stanislawow, Halicz, Jezupol and Mariampol. The Jewish
populations for Stanislawow, Jezupol and Mariampol are given, but
surprisingly, for Halicz, only a Karaite population is mentioned, which was
numbered at 500.

The report states that they had "one synagogue, two ecclesiastics and one
Rabbi", and also that there was a six member administration, with "the
chairman being the farmer, Ezra Leonowicz".

A fellow Genner and I have been discussing this, and he is of the opinion
that the Rabbinical Jewish population was purposefully left out of this
report, as in the JRI-PL databases, there are 329 people who were >from

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Denise Azbill
Las Vegas, NV

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