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It would be helpful to know what time frame we are considering here.
In the mid 19th century, rules and laws about the age of consent were
changing throughout Europe and, I would assume, in Ukraine too.
It may also be helpful to know what age the groom was at the time of the

As to sex before marriage, that would depend on how closely monitored they
were by their parents (could they easily get away without being caught?) and
both of their personal attitudes to sex before marriage, neither of which
could be known by anyone but them.
Even in the most strict of families, in the most strict of times and in the
most strict of cultures, these things happened (and still do).

Henry Best [London]

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| I am trying to piece together a likely scenario for my
| who had what we would now call "issues."
| They got married when she was 12 or 13. Was this normal in small
| villages? In Odessa?
| And were they likely to have sex before they married? Or was it strictly
| monitored so there was no sex until the Jewish wedding? I know what's
| but, well, what was really likely to happen?
| Any help would be much appreciated.
| Thanks,
| Marilyn Webb
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