Re: jewishgen digest: April 21, 2007--Romantic Relationships--p.s. #general


Sorry, in the post I just sent I forgot to give dates and places, as some
people suggested.

He was sent to Sing Sing in 1898. I do have those court records. (And I have
talked extensively with Ron Arons about Sing Sing. Thank you Ron! As always,
you are a doll!)

My great grand-father lived in New York then, and he said he came in 1894,
although I can't find any such record.

He came >from Odessa but I'm not sure how long they lived there. I suspect
they originally came >from a shtetl somewhere else and that they were either
married, betrothed, had sex or all three around 1881 or 1882.

Any insights would help.

Thanks again,
Marilyn Webb

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