Howard Berlin

My grandfather Abram Perlin was born in Dubrovna, (Mogilev Guburnia) Belarus
on 10th July 1881. He came to London in 1906 and his surname was changed to
Berlin. His fathers name Hebrew name was Peretz.

The records >from the JewishGen database show that a Peissakh Perlin had 4
sons 1879-1885.

We believe that my grandfathers brothers were Fridman Perlin (born 20th
October 1883) and he came to USA early 1900's and Meer Perlin (born 8th December
1885) and my grandfathers mother Braina or Braine Perlin both of whom came to
USA in December 1904. We also believe that my grandfather had another
brother (born in 1879).

My grandfather was a twin but I have little information on his twin sister.

I am trying to research to see if there are any are any decendants.

Howard Berlin
London, England

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