SVATITSKY from Pinsk and Petah Tikva #belarus

Assaf Urieli <assaf@...>

Hi All,

I would like to get in contact with any other descendents of the
Svatitsky (Svetitsky) family, originally >from Pinsk, who are among the
very early settlers of Petah Tikva.

I'm specifically interested in descendents of the following family
members (there may well be some errors below).
1. Naftali Svatitsky
1.1. Kalman Svatitsky (?-1903, born in Pinsk) =? Batya Rivka bat Noah
(?-1903, born in Pinsk)
1.1.1. Naftali Svatitsky (1848?-1949) =? Gitl (1863?-1938) David Svatitsky (1884?-1964 at age 80) = Sima bat Israel
(1890?-1972 at age 82)

Please respond privately.

Best regards,
Assaf Urieli
Toulouse, France

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