Origin of Burial Society #general

Mike Schwartz

My Great Grandfather immigrated to America around 1889 >from "Russia". He
was buried in 1921 in Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn in a plot owned by the
"Bnai Aria Anshe Krosnopole" burial society.

I am trying to determine the village >from which my Great Grandfather
immigrated to America, and this may be the best clue. The problem is, I
have found at least 3 villages in the Russian Empire with the name
Krasnopole or Krasnopolye. One, the best documented, is in the former
Suwalki Province of Russian Poland. Another is in Belarus, and a third is
in Ukraine.

If I knew the origins of the burial society, I might be able to pin down the
origins of this branch of my family. Can anyone help?

Mike Schwartz

MODERATOR NOTE: You may also try JewishGen ShtetlSeekers for the village and the
JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR). The links are
http://www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org/ and

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