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Nordell, Larry <lnordell@...>

One of my grandfather's brothers, Feivel Epstein, moved >from Slutsk to =
Visoky Dvor and raised his family there. (It took me a long time to =
figure that out because his daughter wrote me when she was quite elderly =
and I read her handwriting as "Visokedbor," which I could not find on =
any map or in any gazetteer.) As I recall, it is west or northwest of =

Larry Nordell
Helena, Montana

Subject: Re: Vysokoye
From: Joy Weaver <joyweave@...>
Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 11:28:15 -0400
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Hi Adar,
You are right that there were many towns called Vysokoye. I've been=20
told that it means "upper," so originally it would usually have been=20
part of a longer name. My maternal ancestors came >from the one that is=20
now in Belarus in the Brest District of Grodno Gubernia. The border=20
with Poland was pretty fluid over the years, so sometimes the shtetl was =

in Poland and sometimes in Russia. Depending on the language of the=20
time, it was called by various names: Vysoke- Litovsk, Wisoko-=20
Litewskie, etc. ...

There were a couple of others which seem to have been heavily Jewish as=20
well. I don't know as much about them, but I've seen references to them=20
in Ellis Island Manifests. I recall that one had a second part of the=20
name that started with M and the other with D. I think if you Google=20
various spellings like Vysoke, Visoko, Wysoki, Wisoky, etc., you will=20
probably find sites that discuss them...

Joy Weaver

Adar Belinkoff wrote:

I recently found a reference to my mother's family name >from the town=20
of Vysokoye. However there are 14 Vysokoyes listed in the=20
ShtetlSeeker, all in an area roughly 235 miles east to west and 330=20
miles north to south in Belarus and Poland. I believe the town is=20
Wysokie in Polish. What is the meaning of the name and does anyone=20
know why there would be so many? Were any of them centers of Jewish=20

Adar Belinkoff, Claremont, CA

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