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Alexander Sharon

Liz Miller wrote

I have had difficulty with my computer lately, so I a resubmitting a
question. My paternal family is RUDERMAN. My ggrandparents were Itzsack & Rachel Jacobs
Ruderman. My grandfather was Moshe Ruderman, born @ 1878. Other siblings were
Ester (who married Joseph KASDEN before immigrating in 1912), Sophie (who
married Louis CHEFEITZ before immigrating @1911), Abraham, Harry.

I believe my family may be >from Kraisk/Kraysk, Russia. I have been unable
to find any records to verify there existance there. Does anyone have any ideas
about how I can procede further?
Dear Liz,

Frankly, I've heard about Kraysk (Krajsk) very recently, while assisting one
of the Genners to decipher this town name >from the Ellis Island manifest.

According to "Slownik Geograficzny Krolewstwa Polskiego ..." (Geographical
Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland...), town had total population of 301
people in 1866 and jus prior to the publication of the Dictionary in 1880
population has increased to 301.Dictionary mention existence of the
shtiblakh (it describes Jewish brick structure prayer house). in 1897 total
population of towns has increased to just below 700 (Joel Ratner's
statistical data on "All Russia" - re: Belarus SIG). It appears that this
small town in Vilejka district was becoming an economical hub of the
district's rural population of the several thousands people.

Kraysk has never made the entry to WOWW and to any known to me other Jewish
gazetteers - perhaps Jewish population was to small at the time to be
noticed and this is probably the reason that is has been omitted in the

On the other hand, just short 9 miles distance >from Kraysk, there is
Dolginov, a much larger town with close to 1,800 Jewish population.. I
believe that Dolginov is the right place to search for records, especially
that several Ruderman surnames are listed under Dolginov in Belarus SIG.


Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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