Searching for COTLER in Tampa, Florida #general

Flo Elman

I am trying to find members of the COTLER family who live(d) in Tampa,
Florida. >from what I've been able to learn through cousins & old letters,
they are descended >from Israel (Srulik) COTLER & his wife Anita (her surname
may have been SURIS). They were likely born around 1880-85.
They had 4 children, Lola (?), Mischa (wife Mona), Sam (wife Ruth) & Harry.
They were probably born around 1910 - 1915.
Mischa & Mona had 2 children ... a daughter, & a son Irwin who was born in
1950, & was killed in an automobile accident, probably in July of 1974.

Other relatives were Basha married to Annetta with 3 children, Dave, Ralph,
& Millie. A "Ben" was mentioned who had 3 children, Anna (who had a son
Jerry & a granddaughter Sherri-Ellen, born in January 1956, Lily (married to
Jack in 1955) & a son Sydney, who had a son born on July 4, 1955.

These people are cousins to my grandmother who took frequent trips to see
Srulik in Florida. I believe many of the family still reside in Tampa. If
you recognize any of these names as belonging to a family you know, could
you please contact me privately at haflo@....

Many thanks,
Florence Elman
(connected to Montreal, QuebecCanada)

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