Re: two marriage licenses #general


When it was announced that Steve Morse had now linked
his web-site to the entire NYC Brides and Grooms
indices last week-end [big thank-yous to the Italian
Genealogical Group, the German Genealogical Group,
volunteers >from the JGS of NYC and the ever-helpful
Steve Morse legions], I moved post-haste to do many
family look-ups.

I found a *number* of double marriage licenses:

Meyer Goldrich & Naty Rubinger
24 Apr 1906 Manhattan 10359
Meyer Goldrich & Jettie Rubinger
04 Aug 1906 Manhattan 18934

Jacob Glasser & Bessie Fenster
22 Mar 1935 Manhattan 7681
06 Apr 1935 Bronx 3149

Bernard Harnett & Sylvia Rubinger
21 Apr 1935 Manhattan 8204
09 Jun 1935 Brooklyn 8319

Charles Hochstadt & Betty N. Friedman
26 Jul 1935 Manhattan 18174
20 Aug 1935 Brooklyn 15001

and others who were not family members so I did not
record them.

I would be most interested to see a follow-up posting
on what you have uncovered. Off-hand, I thought there
was a filing problem in NYC since the license may have
been issued in one borough but the marriage performed
in another. But some sets were both Manhattan

Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA

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