Relationship between BLUM and WERNER families #general

Adrian Freedman

Looking to establish relationship between the BLUM family ex Dublin
and South Africa and WERNER family ex London

The BLUM family originated in Lithuania ,and emigrated to Dublin and
thence to South Africa or to London in the early 1900's.
The parents were Solomon Zalman Blum and Feiga Menucha Schmulian
The sibs were Ida,Paul,Tilly,Johanna, David, Isaac and Joseph .

The WERNER family were also >from Lithuania originally , the
paterfamilias Avraham was a rabbi and was at some stage chief Rabbi of
The Werners are related to the Blums but the exact relationship is unknown .
I have questioned several cousins >from the Blum side but none are sure
of the relationship.
A grand daughter of Rabbi Werner, Ray Diamond (nee Werner) lived in
Durban South Africa.
Her husband's name was Jack . They had 2 children Abel who emigrated
to Canada and Stella who emigrated to the USA. Perhaps they are aware
of the family connection.
I am posting this on the hope that one of the readers may assist me in
tracing these persons
best wishes

Adrian Freedman

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