Dr.Nathan Adler #general

Shari Kantrow

Fellow genner Cecilia asked:
"Dr Nathan Adler, Chief Rabbi, officiated at the marriages of three children of
Lewis PHILLIPS...How usual would it have been for the Chief Rabbi to officiated at
marriages? Is there likely to have been correspondence between Lewis Phillips and
Dr Adler, at least to make arrangements? Are there any repositories for Dr Nathan
Adler's papers?"

In response to her question, I don't have an answer, but I have further
questions. Could this Dr. Nathan Adler be the same one that the Dr.Nathan Adler
Lodge at Mt. Carmel cemetery in N.Y. is named after? My SCHNEIDER family, buried
with this lodge simply stated on N.Y. censuses they were >from Austria. Perhaps if I
can find out more about this head Rabbi, I can discover what area or town they were
I appreciate your help in advance.
Shari Kantrow

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