Help with Sephardic SIG website needed #general

malkajef <malkajef@...>

Hi everyone

My name is Jeff Malka, and I am the Coordinator for JewishGen's
Sephardic SIG.

I am looking for someone with website construction expertise who would
be willing to assist in this task, either as webmaster for the site or
even just as an assistant webmaster who would be willing to spend time
at it.

Although I originally donated the material and created JewishGen's
Sephardic SIG website, I am not an expert in website creation and have
no special tools for the task. Just maintaining my own separate
"Sephardic Genealogy Resources" website is a significant undertaking and
I would therefore appreciate help >from anyone willing to take over the
maintenance and updating of the Sephardic SIG website.

Because the two websites ("Sephardic Genealogy Resources" and JewishGen's
"Sephardic SIG") have evolved quite differently in structure and content
over time, I find I cannot simply duplicate changes and additions I make
on my "Resources for Sephardic Genealogy" website to the JewishGen Sephardic
SIG website pages. They need separate management and handling.

Anyone willing to help would be greatly(!) appreciated. It is mainly
website construction expertise and willingness to create the HTML pages
that I need help with. I can provide the content.

Please contact me privately at if you are willing
to help.

Jeff Malka

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