Re: Deportation of Jews #general

Barb & Howard

Dear Genners:

There are two books that I have found to be informative in my research, and writing
a version regarding the subject of the forced deportation >from Rohatyn, Galicia.

There were 575 adult male Jews >from my family's ancestral town of Rohatyn, Galicia
[4925-2437] which was situated on the front line areas of forthcoming battles on
the Eastern Front during WW I. Ninety two years this month, in May 1915, the men
of the were swiftly rounded up forcefully marched into deportation. All this
occurred in one day, in a matter of hours, without any advanced warning.

These massive deportations, primarily of Jews, were under reported in the western
press whose focus was on what was happening in the trenches in France.

The books that one may read for a further overall view of what
occurred are:

* "A Whole Empire Walking" deals with refugees in Russia during
WW I. Author Peter Gatrell.

* "The Enemy at His Pleasure", relates of a journey through the
Jewish Pale of Settlement during WW I.
Author S. Ansky, but edited and translated into English.

If anyone knows of, or has sources of, additional information about
these deportations we would all appreciate hearing more about the subject.

Howard Steinmetz
Boulder, Co. USA

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