PAVE/PAWE, Staten Island #general


I'm looking for the descendants of Meier PAWE >from Stuchin, Lida, who arrived at
Ellis Island with my grandmother's sister Elke BOJARSKY (Alice BOYARSKY DLOTT) in

Meier went to Boston to Alice's brother Harry, who was a haberdasher in East
Boston. Meier said on his manifest that he was a cousin of Harry.

I have found Meier in census records, and his descendants were still on
Maryland in Staten Island in 1991, where they had apparently been for decades.

Sue Seales, North Carolina
researching: BOYARSKY/Grodno
FREEDMAN/Siluva, Lithuania
ROSENTHAL/Odessa and Wengrow, Poland
BLUSZTEJN/Zareby Koscielne, Poland
ZELENY,ZELONY,ZELIONY/Chicago, Paris, Odessa, Bershad

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