Re: Belarus MASS, MOSS #belarus


In Minsk Gubernia people with name MAS (in my transliteration >from
Russian records) lived mainly in next towns: Bobruisk uyezd (Lyuban),
Slutsk uyezd (Lyakhovichi).

It is interesting that in Bobruisk uyezd also lived MATS (mainly in
Svisloch, but also in Azarichi, Lyubonichi and Bobruisk)

KHINICH (my transliteration for CHINITZ) - mostly lived in mostly in
Slutsk uyezd (Starobin), Bobruisk uyezd (Zabolotskaya volost), also
Mozyr uyezd (Lenin, Lakhva)

KAPLAN was common name in many location of Minsk Gubernia includin
Mozyr uyezd (Kopatkevichi, Lakhva, Lenin).

Vitaly Charny
Birmingham, AL

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