Helen BENNIS #belarus

Rhea Starr <rheafstarr@...>

I am trying to find out information about the shtetl
where my mother was born. Her citizenship papers list
it as Akolla and which she described as being in Minks
Gebernya. I have since learned that there is no
record of Akolla in either Lithuania or Belarus. A
distant relative of my mother who came to the Akron,
Ohio after the Second World War was >from the same
shtetl. Her married name was Helen Bennis. She has
since died leaving no children. I do not know her
maiden name. I realize that it is a long shot but if
anyone who reads this is >from the same shtetl as a
red-haired woman named Helen who settled in Akron,
Ohio, please email me at rheafstarr@yahoo.com. I
especially would lilke the name of that shtetl and
anything else you may remember about her and her
family in Europe. Thank you.

Rhea F. Starr
Lancaster, PA 17603
e-mail: rheafstarr@yahoo.com

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