Need help with Yiddish translation #belarus

Myrna L. Hewitt <azmyrna@...>

I am again turning to those of you who can read Yiddish by posting a
picture and the writing on the back at Viewmate. http:// See VM7925 and VM7926.

Last time I found something like this, people were incredibly
helpful, and I was able to understand what was writen. This time I
think I know who the person is but am not certain. It may be my
grandmother's brother: Zalman (called Jamal) Werchin. He lived in

I am hoping that the writing is readable and that someone can
translate. Even a general idea of what is said and especially if
there is a name. My grandmother is Bayla so her name might be there.

Thanks in advance. You are doing a mitzvah for those of us who never
learned Yiddish.

Myrna Livingston Hewitt

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