Family of Jonas FEDERMAN from Checiny #general

Linda Shefler <linsilv@...>

I would greatly appreciate hearing >from anyone who is familiar with the
family of Jonas and Feige FEDERMAN[N] (born about 1880) in Checiny. Their
children were Lena (born about 1908) and Lefroma (name taken >from ship's
manifest which wasn't very clear) (born about 1913). Both girls were born
in Checiny.

The family arrived at Ellis Island on the SS Pretoria in December 1913.
Their destination was listed as: Cousin Mordke Kolski at 126 4th St. NY.
The nearest relative in the country they left was Freidel Federman in
Checiny. Freidel (nee ROZENBAUM/ROZENBLAT) was Jonas' mother.

According to the manifest, Feige became naturalized in 1941.

I haven't been able to locate any other records for the family (for example
census records, WWI or WWII registration); under any of the names.

This family is a part of my ROSENBLATT family, and I would very much like to
know more about them, their descendants and Jonas' six siblings. If anyone
is familiar with this family please contact me privately.

Thank you,
Linda Silverman Shefler
Cary, NC

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