Pages of Testimony-unusual website summary #general

Sally Goodman <sbgoody@...>

About 10 days ago I posted a message re a website:
which is similar to the Pages of Testimony and suggested to those interested
to check it out.

I received numerous responses:
many thanks the site is very helpful;
this is a Russian rip off site since they are trying to build web traffic
for advertisers;
this is identical to the Yad Vashem site;
the site is easier to navigate than the Yad Vashem site, etc.

Someone brilliantly suggested I email the contact on the Russian site which
I did 10 days ago. I asked where he got the information, if it was an exact
duplicate of the Yad Vashem site, did he have names on his site that Yad
Vashem did not have, what was its purpose etc. I am still waiting for a

Thank you one and all for responding. If I learn anything new that would be
helpful, I shall certainly post again.

Sally Goodman
Palm Springs/LA, CA

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