Re: Saving JRI search results #general

Nick Rich


I highlight all of the text, copy to clipboard, and special paste into an excel
document. This allows you to highlight or fill any cells you wish, and works just
like anything else on excel.


Nick Rich

From: "Fran Segall" <>

Does anyone know of a way to save the output of a JRI-Poland search in a useable
format other than as a "web page"? I'd like to save it as a WordPerfect
document or, better yet, an Excel spreadsheet, so I can highlight entries, mark
them when ordered, etc.

If I save it as a web page, then open it in WP, the table cells all get squished.
If I produce a text file, the columns get all messed up. Any ideas? Am I
missing something simple?

Manassas, VA

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