Sources and variations of surname: ELIN #belarus

Harold Stein <hal2202@...>

Does anyone have information about the surname, ELIN?
My late uncle gave ALLEN as my maternal grandmother's
maiden name on her death certificate. Upon seeing this
years later, I dismissed this out of hand, but in the
course of genealogical research I was informed that it
may have been ELIN or some variant. Before immigrating
to the US, the family lived in the shtetl of Kapyl
(Kapulie), near Slutsk. I have found nothing on ELIN.
Any information on families in that area with similar
sounding names would be appreciated.
Hal Stein
Sacramento, CA

Researching: Avram SHAPIRO and Rivka ELIN, Slutsk
area; Jacob and Libby SMOSCOWITZ, Riga and vicinity

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