Re: FEDERER from Buda Hungary and STEINER from Pest Hungary #general

tom klein <jewishgen@...>

I realize that these names are probably written down verbatim >from the
Hebrew pronunciation, but without the correct (Hungarian) spellings, it is
much more difficult to find them, especially in computer databases.

GROSS Lichi (Juliska, Lili?)

STEINER Gyo:rgy Ro'bert (Gyuri)
STEINER La'szlo' (Laci)

(I've included the Hungarian diacritical marks because they are usually
shown. Due to the limitations of the lyris list server, I have to represent
them using standard ascii characters, which look somewhat peculiar.)

Also, I believe the records for both Buda and Pest would be located in
the Budapest community centre.

....... tom klein, toronto

M&MSchejtman <mmschejtman@...> wrote:

Dear Genners,
The Israeli radio has a daily segment called "The department for
searching lost relatives".
This program was originally aired after the 2nd World War to help Israelis
who survived, find lost relatives.
It has now been reinstated and has over 150 daily requests for searches. only
4-5 are aired every day.
You can listen to this program live on the Israeli radio website for Reshet Bet click top left "bet live". The program is aired
Sun-Thurs at 2:45 PM Israel time in Hebrew.

On today's program A woman whose name is Piri Goren,
is looking for her father Frenec FEDERER and his family.


On today's program A woman whose name Miriam Glazer Is looking for her half
brother Lazlo STEINER.


Finding Lost Relatives
POB 33069 Jerusalem
Phone: 972-25313315
Voice mail: 972-529990006

I have no more information. Everything I heard on the radio I put above.
Please contact the program with any information you have.

Merav Schejtman
Jerusalem Israel

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