Research in Russian Federation's State Archives #belarus

Miguel Kaplansky <mkaplansky@...>

Dear Genners:
Please can you advise me about a Researcher in Moscow to obtain information
related to:
Locality/Town: Kamenets
Raion/Region: Kamenets
Oblast/District: Brest
Country: Belarus
Archive Name: State Archives of the Russian Federation
Archive Locale: Moscow
Archive Type: Archives
Document Type: Holocaust
Year List: 1941/1942
Fond/Opis/Delo: 7021/83/16
To see also D-M Soundex: 566400
I obtained this information >from the site >from Routes to Roots Foundation,

Please, answer me privately.
Thanks in advance.
Miguel Kaplansky
mail: mkaplansky@...

(1121 AAA) Buenos Aires

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