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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Rachel Heller Bernstein, >from Jerusalem asks: " Is anyone familiar with Faige
as a Family name? (It is listed on a death cert., "Rose Faige" 1949 - NYC)

Her family came >from the Western part of Galicia (Austria/Poland)
I'm assuming the last name was omitted..... "

No Rachel, I am not familiar with the name but it apparently exists. I would
guess it is an abbreviation and here are some clues: tragically there are three
holocaust victims with that family name, we remember here today

FAIGE Roize - Czestochowa, Kielce, Poland

FAIGE Berek and Ruth - Tarnowskie Gory, Slask, Poland

All three have POTs - Roize's name is given in the handwritten POT as
FAJGLE-FAJGLOWICZ and the submitter of Berek and Ruth's has a clear tel no in

Moreover if you enter the name FAIGE onto the well-known internet genealogy
site you get some hits. I cannot check the actual US transcripts as I am not a
subscriber - they could be transcription errors. Some will undoubtedly be
genuine, but are they all Jewish [see below]?

There are also FAIGE in the English censuses and a mysterious early FAIJE
family who could have been Italian immigrants. All have to be checked for
transcription errors - ie could also be Paige.

There are also dozens of FAGE/PHAGE and FAIGE baptisms in England >from very
early on - so beware!

Celia Male [U.K.]

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