Re: German/Austrian Jews Circa 1905 "Zim" #general

Roger Lustig <julierog@...>, the web site of the ZIM shipping
company, says the following:
"The name "ZIM" was suggested by Israel’s first Minister of Transportation, David
Remez, based on a passage in the Old Testament (Numbers 24:24) in which the Hebrew
word "Zim" is used to refer to "large vessels." The name was chosen as appropriate
for the company’s main goal: to build a large merchant fleet."

So: how large *is* this vessel you've acquired? And could you post a photo of this
item to Viewmate?

Roger Lustig
Princeton, NJ USA

Sabra Waldfogel wrote:

I just acquired a beautiful pitcher, made of nickel silver, by the WMF
Wurttemburgische Metalfabribrik) company... It is inscribed "Zim" in the Roman
alphabet, and the same syllable in the Hebrew alphabet (tsaddi-yod-mem in Hebrew
letters). Does anyone know what this might refer to?

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