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stephen field

My name is Steve Field. My E mail address is stemarfie@yahoo.com. I am looking for
information about my great uncle, Frank GORODETSKY that came to this country >from
Russia about 1886. He married my great aunt Golda (SCHNEIDERMAN)Gorodetsky.
The following is all the information I can find.
Frank had brother and sisters. What were their names
Please contact me at my E mail address.
Thank you.
Steve Field

Below are a few items for Gorodetsky, which I received >from the census sheets.
In 1910 there was a Frank Gorodetsky (married to Goldie) living in Boston, they
had several daughters, he was a designer. Also, in 1910 an Elias Gorodetsky
(same occupation), married, also living in Boston, married with several children.
Maybe it is his brother.
Gorodetsky, Rubin, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts born about 1886 in Volynya
The following may be Frank Gorodetsky's relatives:
Rubin Gorodetsky Died Boston August 26, 1971
Esther Gorodetsky Died Boston November 11, 1975
Sadie Gorodetsky Died Haverhill May 31, 1978

Ruben Gorodetsky, Gussie Gorodetsky Boston, Suffolk, MASS
BORN about 1888 in Russia Husband of Gussie Gorodetsky Ruben Gorodetsky
Boston, Suffolk, MASS Born about 1890 Wife of Ruben

Martha (Rachlin) could be Ruben & Gussie's daughter
Ruben Gorodetsky, Gussie Gorodetsky Born about 1909 in Russia.

Lena Gotchberg, Daughter of Ruben Gorodetsky, and Gussie Gorodetsky, Born about
1911 in Russia

Sam Gorodetsky, Son of Ruben and Gussie Gorodetsky Born about 1914 Boston, Mass. ?

Fannie Gorodetsky, Daughter of Ruben and Gussie Gorodetsy
Born about 1916 Boston, Mass. ?

Mary Gorodetsky, Duaghter of Ruben and Gussie Gorodetsky
Born about 1918 Boston, Mass. ?

Anna Gorodetsky, Daughter of Ruben and Gussie Gorodetsky
Born about 1920, Boston, Mass. ?

Please print this. Maybe there are relatives that remember them.

Thank you

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