Re: Jewish WW2 Red Army Genaral (CHERNYAKHOVSKI) #general

David Colman <davidcolman@...>

Some time ago, I searched the online archives of the Toronto Star and found
an article reporting Chernyakhovski's death - it provided some biographical
details. My recollection is quite clear that he WAS Jewish. I see that
those archives are now searchable only for a fee and I did not keep my

David Colman
Toronto, Canada

Aubrey Jacobus wrote:

Does any lister have suggestion on obtaining the family details of Jewish
WW2 Red Army Genaral Ivan Danilovitch CHERNYAKHOVSKI , born Ukraine ? died
in action WW2

Paul Silverstone replied:

At the last conference there was a Russian Army veteran present with an
exhibit of Soviet army casualties. I asked him about General CHENRYAKHOVSKY
who I understood to have been the highest ranking Jewish officer killed in
the war. He did not think the general was Jewish. I don't remember his
reasoning, but it was based on his innate knowledge of the Soviet military.
He was a colonel-general, equal to our 4-star rank and may have been the
highest ranking Soviet officer killed in action. He was killed in East Prussia
in early 1945.

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