Norwidwov and other places #general

Robin Brown <rkb155@...>

Hi all-

I am hoping someone can give me some help with geography. I have two problems:

1. I found my husband's paternal great uncle's marriage certificate. On it it
says he was born in Norwidwov, Poland. I can't find any town that even
resembles this in Shtetl Seeker. Any thoughts?

2. My mother-in-law keeps insisting that her grandparents came >from a town on
the Polish-Russian border. She is sure of this because she said her parents
were living in Poland, but left to come to the US in 1898 to avoid conscription
into the Russian army.
Any idea where this border was in 1898? Was there even a Poland in 1898?

Grateful for any help.

Best Regards -
Robin Brown
Dobbs Ferry, New York, USA

Searching for:
Ulanov (Ulanow). BLATT - Kolbuscov (Kolboszower or Kulboszowa) , POMERANCE
(POMERANTZ) - Lithuania (?), GROSSMAN (RUESMAN) - Minsk, SCHILDER - Romania,
HELMAN - Russia, BROWN - England, MILLER - Russia or Warsaw (?), SOBEL - Luko,
Czechoslovakia and Stropkov, Hungary, SCHREIBER - Luko, Czechoslovakia and
Stropkov, Hungary.

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